Both adult day programs and respite care services can be invaluable resources for caregivers of seniors.

There are countless reasons why you as a caregiver may consider seeking outside help.

Perhaps you’re experiencing caregiver burnout, and it’s time to find compassionate support that will allow you to step away for a few hours each week and take care of your own needs.

Maybe you and your loved one have started a conversation about moving into a senior living community. Starting with day programs first can help pave the way for a smooth transition.

But what is the difference between adult day programs and respite care? And how can they support both you and your loved one?

Let’s take a look.

How do adult day programs work?

Typically, adult day programs support families by offering senior care for a certain number of hours. These services don’t include overnight stays.

At Benton House you can expect a warm, caring atmosphere where seniors can enjoy the day and caregivers can savor a little extra time to relax and recharge. Stays can range from a one-time afternoon visit to a regular weekly schedule.

Your loved one is welcomed to take part in any of the community’s daily programming for either full or half days. Outings, exercise classes, meals, socializing: all included.

We ask that you schedule day program stays ahead of time to ensure we have the proper resources to offer the best experience for everyone.

What are the advantages of adult day programs for caregivers?

Whether you schedule a one-time visit or regular stays for your loved one, we hear one major benefit over and over again from caregivers: the opportunity to take care of your own needs.

For some caregivers, this looks like time set aside each week for errand-running, a quiet morning alone, or social time with friends. For others, adult day programs allow caregivers to show up to work every day knowing their aging parent is getting compassionate care.

This means that supporting your loved one in finding a group to exercise with compounds the benefits of physical fitness alone.

What are the advantages of adult day programs for seniors?

Isolation is one of the top challenges facing seniors today. So for aging adults who may otherwise spend much of their time alone, being around other seniors is a top benefit of spending full or half days at Benton House. From seasonal outings like fishing trips to exercise classes to mealtimes, socializing goes a long way in supporting your loved one’s health.

Another top benefit: if mom or dad is considering moving to a senior living community long-term, adult day programs are a wonderful way to explore what a residence has to offer.

How do senior respite services work?

Generally speaking, respite programs welcome aging seniors to communities on a temporary basis. This is more intensive than adult day programs because respite services include overnight stays. But respite services are meant to be short term, so they’re also not moving fully into a community.

At Benton House, we consider short term residents to be part of the family. They enjoy

the same services and amenities as other residents of the community.

What are the advantages of senior respite services for caregivers?

Caregivers look to our respite services for short term support. Let’s look at a few examples. 

Perhaps you’re going on a two week cruise with friends, and you know it will be too much stimulation for your aging mom or dad. Respite services can make it possible for you to enjoy your vacation while knowing your loved one is well taken care of, and enjoying their time away, too.

Another advantage: support for caregiver burnout. Respite services are ideal if you’ve reached a level of burnout where you need a significant chunk of time to step away and take care of yourself for longer than what the adult day program can offer.

What are the advantages of respite services for seniors?

The truth is, seniors can often benefit from a shift in routine as much as caregivers. Respite services can offer relief from the isolation and monotony of living alone, with short term stays giving seniors space and time to make friends, learn a new hobby, or simply enjoy a change of pace for a little while.

Short term stays include all the services full-time community members enjoy. Which means that respite services also offer the ideal opportunity for your loved one to get a true sense of what to expect if they’re considering moving into a senior living community.

Next Steps

You’re considering adult day programs or respite care for your loved one because you want them to receive the best care. We do, too.

If you have any questions, we’re always here to talk through how we can best support you and your family.

Because at Benton House, we don’t just care for our residents. We care about them.

If you could use support finding specific activities for your loved one, we’d love to help. Feel free to call us at 855-461-2552, or send us a message, anytime.