Care Team

A Most Noble Calling

“Life’s Most Urgent Question. What Are You Doing for Others?”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.


Choosing to serve as a caregiver is truly answering a most noble call. It means dedicating your life to the comfort and care of others. A commitment to making each day as healthy, happy, and as full of hope possible for a fellow human being.

A caregiver answers this call with the full knowledge that the work is often done behind the scenes, with privacy and discretion, and often with little fanfare. But the caregiver knows.

The caregiver knows that it is the kind word that nourishes the soul. The listening ear that builds connection. And the gentle touch that makes each day better.

The caregiver knows it is they who are missed most when they are away. The caregiver knows that without them, health would not improve, happiness would be missing, and hope diminished. The caregiver knows without the caregiver, there is no care.

At Benton House we know this too. It’s why we hold our care team in such high regard and give them such a voice in our company. Make no mistake, we believe every role has value and every person has purpose. But we do hold our care team in special esteem.

For over 25 years our dedicated care professionals have been the single biggest reason for our success. We are absolutely blessed to have some of the finest care team in history.

C.N.A./Resident Assistant/Personal Care Attendant

Inventive, Adaptive, Indispensable.

Regardless of title or responsibilities, this dedicated core of professionals is the wellspring from which all our excellence springs forth. Want proof? Ask to see the stacks of Legendary Service Awards we shower our team with each month.

Whether as group for a perfect survey score, or as an individual recognized by a family in our monthly surveys, our care team averages hundreds of awards each month. We also offer one of the most unique recognition programs in the country. Celebration and recognition for a job well done is part of our D.N.A. 

Care Team Growth and Development

Growth, Development and Promotion


Recognition is just one aspect of our commitment. We are also dedicated to growing the people who choose to serve with us.

Please know you don’t have to take on additional responsibilities to get respect in our organization. We value every individual.

However, regardless of role we want everyone to have opportunities to develop and grow. And of course, if you want to advance into higher roles of responsibility that is our goal as well.

We are very proud that nearly 10% of our team is promoted into new roles every year. We believe your growth is our collective growth. This belief has fueled our success for over 25 years.

Click the link below to see just a few of the unique opportunities we offer.

Want to know what it is like as a member of the Benton House family? Click the box below to see the hundreds and hundreds of comments from our team’s two most recent year’s Great Place to Work surveys. If you find our culture appealing–Join us and help it grow.

Want to see what makes Benton House, Garden House and Benton Village so special? Follow us on social media and watch videos from members of our team.


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Are You A Professional Caregiving Superstar?

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