Assisted Living Village of Stockbridge

201 Evergreen Terrace, Stockbridge, GA

Assisted Living Village of Stockbridge

The decision to move an elderly loved into a senior housing community is a difficult one for everyone in the family. The assisted living environment at Benton House in the Village of Stockbridge allows seniors to maintain a quality of life with a sense of independence while also having 24-hour care to the level the resident requires.

As it allows seniors who have early dementia or physical challenges to live a fairly independent life. The community has on-site medical care, but the care is not ever-present. Assisted living offers a level of care that is appropriate for seniors who do not need the full-time attention of a nursing home but need assistance with meals, transportation, medication, and daily activities like bathing and dressing.

For complete information on the assisted living community at Benton House in the Village of Stockbridge, call 770-670-6607 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

Benefits to Benton House Assisted Living

Some of the most important benefits to assisted living at a full-service community like Benton House in the Village of Stockbridge include:

 Social Interaction: Like all of us, seniors need to interact with others to feel vital and alive. Isolation can lead to a wide range of problems including depression and other issues that will result in poor over health of the senior. Residents in assisted living communities interact with people their own age and enjoy endless opportunities to socialize and be a part of the group dynamic.

Active Body, Active Brain: Residents at the Benton House assisted living community in the Village of Stockbridge are offered many indoor and outdoor activities to keep active. In addition to activities offered at the community, transportation is also provided for trips to the store, the theater, or the doctor’s office.

Safety: A Benton House assisted living community provides a sense of safety, security, and peace of mind for the residents and their loved ones. An impressive staff of health care professionals ensures residents and their families do not have to be concerned about falling, eating healthy, and taking the proper medication.

Constant Care As Needed: Personal emergency response systems are available to all residents with 24-hour access so they can always feel at ease in knowing that support is available whenever needed, day or night.

Daily Assistance: At Benton House, the focus is on allowing residents to have a sense of independence while getting any assistance they need to maintain the quality of life they deserve. Seniors are provided with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, or eating, as needed.

Nutrition Guidance: Seniors are offered great food with nutritional value. Professional chefs prepare a wide variety of meals designed with the residents’ dietary needs and tastes in mind.

Stress Reduction: Benton House assisted living communities provide a balance of independence and care which serves as a stress reducer for both the resident and his or her family.

Benton House Assisted Living Takes Care of seniors’ Needs

At Benton House in the Village of Stockbridge, families with elderly loved ones don’t have to worry about having the needs of their senior met. To find out more information about the assisted living options available at Benton House, call 770-670-6607 and speak to a customer service specialist. You can also fill out the contact information form on this page and we will respond to your inquiry.

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