What Will Be Your Legacy?


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”
– Ghandi

The pandemic has taught us all about the things that matter most.
Health. Happiness. Hope.
Friends. Family. Freedom.

Your work life is no exception. Across the country, people are dropping jobs of dullness and drudgery, seeking usefulness that adds value and has meaning. People used to aspire for passion and purpose. Now they demand it.

A career at Benton House creates these benefits daily. There is magic in our moments, miracles in our mission, and memories of genuine connection that few professions can rival.

Do work that changes lives. Do work that saves lives. Do work that echoes in eternity.

Make no mistake; the work can be challenging. The work of angels often is.

But the warm smiles, grateful hearts, and kind words you share daily with those you serve make it clear this is more than work; it is a calling. It is an honor.

If you genuinely want a career aligned with your desire to serve, in an industry experiencing historic growth, with a 25-year-old company decorated with multiple awards for culture and service excellence, Join Us.

We all want work that has meaning and matters. To feel pride. To make a difference. To leave a legacy.

What will be your legacy? Let Benton House be the vessel to achieve your desires. Let our work be your service. Build your legacy here. In our gentle way we are shaking the world.

award winning senior living

Award Winning


“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”
– Walt Disney

Benton House enjoys a nationally recognized culture with both our team and customers.

Our team has voted to certify us as A Great Place to Work 4 consecutive years. And we are the proud recipient of multiple National Resident and Family Satisfaction Awards from both Pinnacle QI and US News and World Report. We have also been honored with numerous local “Best of” awards by the citizens of the cities in which we operate.

Working at Benton House means working with pride. Let our established values be your foundation, and our company reputation serve as your canvass to build the career of contribution and legacy you seek.

Our Vision and Keys of Service

A great reputation for culture, particularly one spanning over 25-years, does not happen by accident. It takes a clear blueprint of purpose and a team dedicated to bringing that vision to life. Our vision is simple but lifesaving and breathtaking in its scope.

Benton House Vision: We create happiness by offering the finest in senior living and services to seniors and their families.


Keys of Service

Developed by our team, our Service Keys represent our standards of service. If our vision statement represents what we do, our service keys represent the how. Our keys represent our foundational standards and apply to every team member, regardless of role.

Service Key


Always ensure the safety of residents, families, guests and team members
Caring Key


Always keep a caring, respectful and family-like setting for residents, families, guests and team members
Exceptional Quality Key

Exceptional Quality

Always provide high quality and unique service
Consistency Key


Always deliver services in a consistent and efficient manner

We talk about our service keys daily. And not in the abstract or theoretical, but in practical application. And we live our service keys daily. In our kindness to all, and with love in our service.

Want to know what it is like as a member of the Benton House family? Click the box below to see the hundreds and hundreds of comments from our team’s two most recent year’s Great Place to Work surveys. If you find our culture appealing–Join us and help it grow.

Be Yourself at Benton House

Diversity and Inclusion

Unified in Purpose, Celebratory in Our Differences


“Everyone smiles in the same language” – George Carlin

Benton House is committed to an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion for all team members. Equality means everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

In practice this means we are all united in purpose but embrace the qualities that make each of us unique. We celebrate what makes us different. And we seek to recognize traditionally underrepresented groups.

Be yourself at Benton House. Because we know your best self is your true self.

Perks and Benefits

Join a Family, Serve with the Best


We offer good pay and benefits, low drama, and high enthusiasm for what we do. At Benton House, our team enjoys the following benefits:

  • Respect for every role and every person
  • A friendly and fun workplace
  • Early pay access
  • Promotion Opportunities
  • Paid mealtimes with complimentary meals
  • 96 hours annual vacation
  • Sick pay with yearend payout for the holidays
  • Comprehensive Aetna health insurance
  • Affordable vision/dental/life insurance options
  • Flexible spending program
  • 401K plan
  • Regular gifts of recognition
  • $500 Monthly Service Superstar award
  • Initial and ongoing education and training

July 2022 Legacy Leaders


Benton House is blessed to enjoy some of the highest tenure in the industry. Each month new members join our elite group of Legacy Leaders-persons who have served with us for 5 years or more.

We are honored these experienced and committed individuals have dedicated their gifts to our collective service. Beyond the growth, awards and accolades, their work in the service of our residents and families is our true legacy. We honor them here.

Sheila Elbert



Christine Fasching

Staley Hills


Jennifer Lightfoot

Staley Hills


Paola Kelley



Christine Bunselmeyer

Staley Hills


Select a badge below to view the rest of our legacy leaders

Social Media

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Hello Full Time/Front Line South Carolina/Augusta, GA Area Team Members:

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CAPTION CONTEST! We are giving away a $50 VISA gift card to the person who comments the best caption for this picture below.

The story behind the photo: Mary Jane Sofiak- a resident at Benton House of Port Orange- celebrated her 102nd birthday in style at the NASCAR race track. When asked ...what her key is to staying so healthy at 102…Mary Jane says “keeping the brain active and a few glasses of wine here and there is the key."
How to enter: ⁠
1. Like this post and comment your best caption for this picture
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Every month we celebrate and highlight our team members who have reached their 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, etc. anniversaries with our company on our social media pages and our website!

Our Legacy Leaders for August 2022 are:

•Enoh Cash- Benton House of Woodstock-5 ...years (top left)

•Rhonda Evans- Benton House of Bluffton- 5 years (bottom left)

•Tracy Littlepage- Benton House of Newnan- 5 years (top right)

•David Hubble- Principal Senior Living Group- 5 years (top middle)

•Sharon Castaldo- Benton House of Bluffton- 5 years (bottom right)

Tasha Roberts- Benton House of Augusta- 5 years (bottom middle left)

Dorothy Fowler- Benton House of Augusta- 5 years (bottom middle right)

See the full page of all of our Legacy Leaders on our website here:

The winner of the July 2022 companywide Our Power is Our People drawing for a $250 gift card to pay their power bill is Mary Plassmann of Benton House of Lenexa!!! Congratulations Mary!!!

Key Positions

Professionals with a servant’s heart, committed to making a difference every single day!

Resident Assistant

Care Team

Breakfast at Benton House


Certified Med-Tech