Benton House of Staley Hills

11071 North Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, MO


Activities & Events

Friends, Family & Fellowship


One of the most important benefits Benton House offers is the opportunity to be around others. Our daily calendar is full of love and life. Life can be fun again!

What Makes Life at Benton House Unique?

  • Activity staff scheduled 7 days per week, not just Monday-Friday
  • Daily fitness options including exercise classes, walking clubs, etc.
  • “Benton House University”-regular seminars and lectures on topics of interest
  • Variety of spiritual services offered
  • Volunteer programs serving local and national charities
  • Concerts and other performance arts events
  • “Every Day is Special”-Daily unique events based on fun facts for the day
  • Weekly Happy Hour with hot hors d’oeuvres and entertainment
  • Monthly major special event to invite friends and family

Frequently Asked Questions

Friends, Family & Fellowship

Can I pick and choose events that interest me?

Yes! We offer a variety of events to meet varied interests. Resident choose to participate based on their interest level. Attendance is always voluntary.

Can my friends and family join me?

Yes! Our community is your home and we welcome your friends and family as guests. In fact we have a big monthly special event each month for just this purpose.

Can my church and civic groups visit me at the community?

Yes! We welcome your continued community involvement. Host your garden club meeting, invite your bridge group and practice with your church choir. Our community serves as an excellent place to meet and connect.

Do residents go out?

Yes! We schedule regular shopping trips, dining out and visits to local places of interest. Hop on and let us worry about the traffic and the parking!

Can I make suggestions?

Yes! Resident input is always welcomes and encouraged. We want to offer events that interest you!