Looking for spring activity ideas for seniors?

Longer days and more sunshine lift our moods and urge us outdoors. But as our loved one’s age, finding comfortable and rewarding ways to support them in getting movement and exercise can become more of a challenge.

In fact, only 13.9% of Americans 65 and over meet participation guidelines for leisure-time aerobic and muscle strengthening activities.

Yet regular exercise is vital for seniors. That’s why at Benton House, we have a handful of go-to spring activity ideas that are both enjoyable and accessible for the residents in our communities.

Shall we explore our top seven?

Let’s Look at our Top 7 Spring Activity Ideas for Seniors

#1 – Fishing Trips

Getting out into nature. Beautiful calm water. The excitement of catching a fish. Being with friends or family. Organizing a morning or afternoon fishing trip for your senior loved one is an excellent way to support gentle exercise and time outside, breathing in the fresh air spring brings.

#2 – Gardening

The classic spring activity: planting flowers! If your loved one has spent a lifetime tending plants, support them to find ways to adapt their garden to be accessible as they age, like building raised beds and installing benches to rest and enjoy the beauty. If gardening is a new hobby, starting small with a few hanging flowers and herbs on a sunny porch.

#3 – Walking Clubs

Social isolation is one of the biggest challenges facing seniors today. And while it’s wonderful to find ways to spend time with your mom or dad as they age, it’s just as important for them to spend time with friends. Helping them find a local walking club, or supporting them in creating one in their community, encourages both exercise and a health-giving social life.

#4 – Park Visits and Picnics

What better time than spring to visit a local park for a walk and lunch with friends? Blooming trees, sunshine, and birdsong are uplifting and accessible for all ages, which makes parks especially great spots to gather diverse groups of people together.

#5 – Reading on the Porch With a Friend

Who says reading needs to be a solitary activity? Combine a good novel or magazine, some iced tea, a porch, and a dear friend, and you’ve got a beautiful afternoon for those days when fresh air is on the menu, but your loved one is in the mood for a more leisurely day.

#6 – Bird Watching

One reason bird watching is popular with seniors is accessibility and flexibility. Less active seniors can enjoy the hobby with binoculars from a garden chair, or even indoors, seated near a window. If your loved one can take longer walks, you can support them by helping them find a local bird sanctuary.

#7 – Leisurely Spring Flower Drives

Maybe your loved one can no longer take the long walks they used to enjoy to admire their neighbors flowers or walk around their favorite park. Instead, taking a slow sightseeing drive around beautiful neighborhoods or parks can bring the joy of nature to seniors, despite any physical limitations.

Next Steps

Did any of these spring activity ideas for seniors plant a seed to help mom or dad get outdoors to breathe in some fresh air this season?

It can be a challenge to find ways to inspire your loved one to stay active as they age, but with all the fresh energy, spring is a wonderful season to encourage a new hobby.

If you could use support finding specific activities for your loved one, we’d love to help. Feel free to call us at 855-461-2552, or send us a message, anytime.