5 Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Prepare Their Home for Winter

Fall seems to always fly by faster than any of us are prepared for. Before we know it, winter arrives. And with it, the potential for winter storms.

If you help take care of your aging parents, fall is a good time of year to help prep their home for storms or extra chilly weather that may sweep in with winter. Here are five simple ways to help make sure mom and dad are ready for the season.

Get Ahead of Medication Management

Ensure your parents have an organized system for medication management—like a simple medication chart that reminds them what to take, and when. If it looks like a storm is on the horizon, it’s a good idea to remind them to make sure they have ample stock of prescription refills as well as their favored over-the-counter medications.

Stock up on Pantry Essentials

Help mom or dad stock up on the most important things to have on hand in case a winter storm knocks the power out: nonperishable food and a few gallons of drinking water. Essentials like canned soups and dried rice and beans are smart, but make sure you also include food that doesn’t rely on refrigeration or cooking to make a meal (like nut butters, jelly, tinned fish, and crackers). Don’t forget a manual can opener.

Gather an Emergency Kit

Besides food and water, help them create a go-to power outage kit that includes first aid supplies, candles, matches, flashlights, a battery-operated phone charger and radio, extra batteries, and a stash of extra blankets.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows can be installed either inside or outside existing windows. They’re an energy efficient and cost effective way to improve insulation, and therefore keep mom or dad’s house warmer during winter.

Clean the Gutters

It may not be anyone’s favorite chore, but making sure gutters are clean and free of leaves or other debris that could create clogs should be a top priority as you help your aging parents prep for winter. Whether you hop up on the roof yourself or hire someone to clean them, cleaning out the gutters is wise to do before winter arrives, especially in colder climates where snow and ice can make clogs even more dangerous.

Next Steps 

Helping your aging parents prep their home for winter may seem daunting. but hopefully this short list of simple ways to support them gave you a few ideas to get started.

Have questions? We’re always here to talk through how we can best support you and your family.

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