Are you looking for just the right gift for a senior loved one this holiday season? Maybe you’re on the hunt for something thoughtful that makes them feel loved and appreciated—and that they’ll actually use. If so, we’ve got just the gift guide for you.

We’ve rounded up our favorite categories of holiday gifts for seniors to help you find that perfect present this year. Let’s jump in. 

Spend time together

If you’re asking us, the best kind of holiday gift for your senior loved one is time spent together—and by that we mean time together focused on fun, not caregiving. Consider something simple and casual, like bringing over a box of holiday decorations and spending the day together making their home more festive. Or turn time together into a more formal gift, like a one-time cooking class you can both attend, or a series of once-a-week art classes you’d both enjoy.

Isolation and feelings of disconnection pose a serious health risk for seniors, so gifts that encourage time together can go a long way in supporting the health of your loved during the holidays and beyond.

Support their brain with a game

What about a gift that’s both fun and supportive of their cognitive health? Support your senior loved ones to stay mentally active and enjoy themselves at the same time with games that help keep their brain in shape.

To inspire socializing as well, consider giving them a game that requires more than one player, like Scrabble or checkers. For an activity to help fill downtime spent alone, more solo-style activities like a jigsaw puzzle or book of crosswords make great gifts, too.

Make memories last longer

Holidays are full of nostalgia to begin with: why not draw out that magical feeling with a gift to make memories last even longer? A traditional scrapbook always always brings smiles, and can be a fun gift to get the kids involved with, too.

With a quick search online, you’ll also find tons of simple ways to transform family photos into gifts—like a digital picture frame or  these custom photo coasters.

Bring nature to them

There’s no doubt about it: time in the natural world enriches our lives. But of course, as we age it tends to become more challenging to engage as actively in outdoors activities. Bring a little of the outside world to your senior loved one this holiday with a nature-inspired gift.

Consider hanging a bird feeder outside a window so they can enjoy the flurry of activity when spring arrives. If they like to cook, an indoor herb planter makes a beautiful and functional gift. And perhaps the easiest idea on our list, low-maintenance houseplants are lovely ways to breathe a little extra vibrancy into your loved one’s home.

Make their lives better with technology

Depending on your senior loved one’s lifestyle, there may be just the perfect gadget to make their life a little easier or more fun. For example, a tablet with integrated accessibility might make browsing the web more enjoyable. If they like to get out and about, a fitness tracking watch could inspire them to track their steps and challenge themselves to keep moving.

And if your loved one leans more low tech, perhaps something more traditional like a new reading light to support their reading habit makes the most sense.

Subscribe them to something special

What about a gift that keeps on giving? No matter what your senior loved one enjoys, you can find a subscription they’ll look forward to getting every month, guaranteed.

From flowers to books to wine to ice cream, you can have just about anything shipped to their doorstep each month. And don’t forget about more traditional subscriptions, like that magazine you always see them flipping through at the grocery checkout.

Gift them warmth and comfort 

We’ll wrap this up with everyone’s favorite winter gifting category: all things warm and cozy. Consider something soft and wearable, like a fleece robe, a pair of plush slippers, or a comfy blanket to wrap up in while they relax on the couch.

If they have plenty of soft wintry clothes and throws, they’ll be sure to appreciate something more interactive, like one of these back massagers or an aromatherapy pad they can warm up in the microwave.

Next Steps

We hope this list of holiday gift ideas for seniors helps you find just the right present for your loved one.

If you could use support in another way with your senior loved one this holiday season, we’d love to help. Feel free to call us at 855-461-2552, or send us a message, anytime.