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Our dedicated care team is the foundation of our service delivery reputation. Please know you don’t have to take on additional responsibilities to get respect in our organization. We value every individual. However, we do want to offer personal and professional opportunities to grow, including promotions. Here are a few of the unique opportunities we offer.

Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

Disney Institute based New Team Member Orientation

This fun and interactive orientation uses Disney Institute based lessons on what makes for a great work environment and how every individual can contribute and feel successful every day. Eligible for all new team members as part of orientation. Gift cards and prizes!

Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

Monthly Team Meeting

Each month the team gathers to celebrate. Activities include name tag gem awards for Legendary Service, selection of Monthly Service Superstar, High Occupancy Prize drawings and other fun activities. There is also always a brief education lesson on service.

Death Benefits for Veteran's Surviving Spouses

Jack Canfield Success Principles

Jack Canfield, author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Souls book series, also penned a book called the Success Principles. Our certified trainers teach participants on how to set goals and improve every aspect of life. Eligible for all new team members who have reached their 100-day milestone.

Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

2020 - Chris Wilson (Author of The Master Plan)

Chris Wilson grew up in a poor section of crime infested Baltimore. At 17 he killed a man and was sentenced to life without parole. Despite this “no-hope” future Chris dedicated himself to improving his life and to work in the service of others. After 10 years he secured his “impossible” release and now speaks to groups about setting goals, the importance of education, and eliminating excuses in your life.

Chris will speak at 3 central locations in 2020 and all team members and their family members over the age of 12 are welcome to attend free of charge.

Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

Executive Care Council

The Executive Care Council features 2 members of the Care team from each community. The purpose of the Council is to meet monthly to discuss ways to improve service to residents and to one another based on the LOVE principles (Leadership, Optimism, Vision and Excellence). Members of the council participate in personal development courses and implement new ideas. The term is for 6 months and each member receives a $1,000 bonus at completion.

Disability Pension Benefits for Veterans

Medication and C.N.A. Certificates

Each year we sponsor a select number of persons interested in joining the senior living industry and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Eligible for new team members as part of hiring process. Each year we sponsor a select number of persons interested in becoming Medication certified. Eligible for team members identified by community leadership.

Promotion Opportunities!

Growing from within is a hallmark of our company. Last year almost 10% of our team were promoted to new roles!

Monthly Online Education

Each month online education is offered specific to serving seniors. Eligible for all active team members. Already a Relias student? Your courses transfer!

We’re always looking for the best of the best!

Text 'Jobs' to 242424

For a list of all of the opportunities currently available at Benton House, text ‘Jobs’ to 242424!
We offer good pay and benefits, low drama and high enthusiasm for what we do.