Team Development

Team Development

Care Team Growth & Executive Development


We take great care in nurturing the development of our employees to ensure the best possible environment. Benton House is recognized as a Great Place to Work for Aging Services by Activated Insights.

We are committed in providing both team development
& personal growth opportunities to our staff


Our dedicated care team is the foundation of our service delivery reputation. Our employees don’t have to take on additional responsibilities to get respect in our organization. We value every individual. However, we do want to offer personal and professional opportunities to grow, including promotions.


Ongoing leadership and personal development opportunities are foundational to serving our team. We believe our company growth is ultimately in proportion to our team growth. As such we regularly invite highly-respected and nationally recognized speakers to speak to our community leaders.

Feedback, Education, and Development

  • Great Place To Work status – Annual survey conducted for team feedback
  • New hire feedback – 5 quick surveys within first 100 days
  • Disney Institute based – New team member orientation provided by company educators
  • Executive Care Council – Two members of front-line care team from each community brought together to discuss “LOVE” principles (Leadership, Optimism, Vision and Excellence) and how we can improve service to customers and each other. 6-month tenure, $1,000 bonus and special pin to wear on name badge.
  • Canfield Success Principles Certification – Offered to select team members each year (they present Orientation/Success Principles in communities) $500 presenter retainer for every month provided.
  • National Speakers – Jack Canfield, Disney Institute, Tom Peters, Chris Wilson
  • Education contests – Bedmaking, Flyer Design
  • C.N.A./Medication Technician Certification – Select team members education paid for by company each year. Also always pay at highest certification, regardless if performing in that role
  • I Like Cards – Internal recognition cards between team to thank each other for support and encouragement.

Let Benton House Help

Choosing the best option for you or a senior loved one can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Let our staff help explain all your options, not just your Benton House options. At Benton House we stand ready to serve you, even if we’re not your ultimate choice.