Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group

Benton Village is proud to partner with Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group. This team of highly trained clinicians, led by locally and nationally renowned geriatric specialist Dr. Gary S. Figiel, works with Benton Village residents and family members with the goal of providing the very best in senior healthcare.

Clinicians regularly visit Benton Village communities to assist residents and families. Participation with Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group is completely voluntary and residents continue to see their primary physician. However, many families have benefited from Dr. Figiel and his talented and experienced team.

Benton Village of Stockbridge

(678) 263-3417

201 Evergreen Terrace Stockbridge, GA 30281

Gary S. Figiel, MD - owner of Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group

Gary S. Figiel, MD

Dr. Figiel graduated from St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1985 and subsequently completed his internship, residency and fellowship at Duke University. Dr. Figiel has developed geriatric programs at Duke University, Washington University, Wesley Woods at Emory University and at the Eastside Heritage Center in Snellville, GA. From his extensive research and publications, Dr. Figiel has spent over twenty years treating geriatric patients. He is specially trained in the early diagnosis and management of memory disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and depression, bipolar disorder and frontal lobe dementia. Dr. Figiel is owner of Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group which he started in 2003. He lives in Sandy Springs with his wife Linda and both his son and daughter are currently studying medicine.

For more information about the Benton Village-Southeastern Geriatric Healthcare Group partnership please contact your Benton Village.