Memory Care in Clermont

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Memory Care in Clermont

As your loved ones grow older, it can become difficult to track the day to day tasks involved in their lives. At Benton House at Clermont, we are prepared to offer the highest quality of memory care services to ensure that your loved ones are cared for and that daily tasks are not tossed aside. Our staff is prepared to make certain that everything will be taken care of, from medication control to cooking and cleaning.

If you are ready to see just how Benton House at Clermont can provide the highest quality of care in the Clermont Area, please call us at 352-241-9994. Or, you can use the “Contact Us” button located on this page and one of our qualified staff will be in contact with you shortly.

Independence through Memory Care

At Benton House of Clermont, we understand that your loved ones need to have a feeling of independence that is not offered in other locations through their memory care services. Our prerogative is ensuring that each one of our residents is capable of living their fullest life while being supported by each and every member of our staff. We are ready and capable of offering an independent living to our residents on location through monitoring their care and daily lives.

24/7 Memory Care Support

The staff at Benton House Clermont is prepared to offer 24/7 emergency support for your loved ones so that you can rest assured that their day to day and memory care needs are being cared for. We offer independence through support. Benton House at Clermont takes pride in all of the services that we offer, from cleaning and activities to full memory care.

If you want to discuss your options with a member of our staff, please call us at 352-241-9994. Or, you can click on the conveniently located “Contact Us” button located on this page and one of our qualified representatives will be in touch shortly.

Memory Care in Clermont

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