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“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”
– Mother Teresa

Benton House is Amazing!

I can’t say enough about the Benton House and their staff. My parents moved there in the fall of 2016 as my mom needed 24 hour care due to her Alzheimers Disease. The memory care staff provide great day-to-day care for my mom (and also my dad until his death in 2018). I love coming to Benton House when they have their themed dinners. They go all out to making my mom and the rest of the members of memory care unit enjoy those evenings, decorating and providing music and great food. They took the time to get to know mom when she first moved there. her likes and dislikes and they make sure every one of the memory care unit staff know that. I come there quite a bit and they are always friendly, all smiles. I couldn’t ask for anything more in Benton House.

Jamie Gault

Thankful…So Thankful to Benton House!

We so appreciate the wonderful care being given to Mary and the way each of her days is spent by an excellent staff. Activities are ever changing and carefully explained. Being out of state and not being able to visit as often as I would like, I had considered moving Mary closer to me. But given the helpful communications and updates, I would not consider moving Mary from Benton House. We treasure each one of the caring staff. Thank you Benton House.
Best Regards from Roxanne and Family.

Roxanne Pianetti

The Right Decision

Throughout life, one must make difficult decisions. None was more difficult for me than placing my husband of almost 44 years in a memory care facility. I am very pleased with the expert care that he receives, thanks to the staff at Benton House. I made the right decision.

Jones Harriet

Listening to the Family

Thank you, Brandy, Sharonah, Shakenia, Amber, and ALL the staff for being there for my Dad—and me. Benton House strives to be family oriented. Whenever there might be an issue, I feel very comfortable approaching key staff to work out a situation so that I’m satisfied that it will work for my Dad. This has been happening since my Dad arrived at Benton House in 2015. At that time, he was functioning between the level of Assisted Living and Memory Care. I insisted he sleep in the Memory Care Unit, but I wanted him to have the opportunity to participate in many kinds of activities in Assisted Living. Brandy was most open to this idea and told me not to worry because staff would watch him. This approach worked successfully for 2 ½ years. Now, my Dad, at 103 years—Jan, 2019, is experiencing dementia and is going through a decline. Benton staff continue to support my Dad—and me. His behaviors are unfamiliar to me. Staff are supportive, explaining why they are doing things a certain way. I continue to ask many questions and make certain that things are being done so that it best meets my Dad’s needs. I very much appreciate staff keeping their doors open to me–and, stopping what they are doing to listen to my concerns!

carol rosenberg

There Since The Beginning

My Mother has been a resident of Benton House since it opened. She is content, happy and likes where she lives.
The Director, Brandy, Abby, Sharon, Sharonah, Jennifer and the women & men who come in every day & work so hard & tirelessly to see that all residents are cared for & whose needs are met daily.
The residents are delightful and each one has a story. Their life stories & experiences are filled with love of family, hope & life lessons they have experienced. All one has to do is listen.
The staff does such a good job of treating each resident with the respect & dignity they so rightly deserve.
Thank you one & all for your caring.

Sharon Bigley

The Benton House

I am so happy that my dad is in good hands at The Benton House! They are very caring, and on top of things!
Brandy Gray and Abby are terrific! Very helpful and patient!
My dad settled in rather nicely thanks to Brandy’s leadership and their wonderful staff!
Thank you all for taking care of my dad! And to the best fix it man, Ed thank you for helping pop get his TV set up!


A Wonderful Community!

A wonderful community! We are so happy our mother is here!

Ed Is The Backbone Of Benton House

Ed is the backbone of Benton House. He is always willing to help anyone and takes care of all our issues no matter what it is.

Director Does A Great Job

Director does a great job with activities and encourages resident’s participation.

Thank You Staff

My wife and I had adjusted to the “new normal” with her MCI until a fall in March when every thing stopped working. After months of PT & OT, they gave up, but the staff at Benton House has not. They are loving her back to HOPE, one day at a time. It’s hard to live without hope. Thank you staff, I love what you do for the one I have loved for 55 years.

R David Mauk

I Love The Benton House Of Bluffton

I love the Benton House of Bluffton, but the only complaint I have is from the kitchen manager. She is rude, disrespectful, and nasty to the staff. I have been there several times during meal times, and she doesn’t seem to have a clue on what is going on. The food is tasteless and bland. However, everyone else I came into contact with have been very nice.


Staff Is Supportive And Responsive

We just moved our 97 year old Mom into Benton House, Bluffton S.C. and admittedly it took me a bit to figure things out and how things work from long distance here in New Mexico. The good news is we are in week 3 and all is well. Staff is supportive and responsive, activities are taking place as planned, food is reported by Mom as very good, and services like her hair and manicure schedules are working well and appreciated. She has made some friends and is probably more active now than she has been in a long time with the staff making sure she keeps moving, gets her med’ s, and meals on time. I noticed there are very few comments on this site and just had to chime in a bit of support for Collin ( The Director) & Sheika (the Coordinator for Moms “neighborhood”) and all the staff for their attentive service and comforting communication on my multiple requests and inquiries. Keep up the good work!

Jerry Hicks

The Staff Are Caring And Respectful

We moved our mother into Benton House (Memory Care Unit) about 3 weeks ago and are very happy with the care she is receiving. The staff are caring and respectful of the residents and keep the lines of communication open with the families. My mother is always kept well groomed and comfortable. There are activities specific for the Memory Care unit and residents are encouraged to participate. My mother, who typically does not join these groups, has been participating actively! The building itself is clean and nicely furnished, with lots of windows so it is bright and cheerful. My mother keeps commenting on how lovely it is -there is also a screened in porch and patio for this unit so residents may go outside safely. She comments as well on the food and how good it is! We feel very fortunate to have found such a great facility!

Annie McNamara

Google Reviews

Roxanne Isaacs
Roxanne Isaacs
02:02 08 Dec 19
I would like to thank the staff at Benton House for being caring and compassionate people watching out for my mom. Benton House has been "home" to my mom for almost three years and I can honestly say the staff puts all the residents first and works hard every day and night to make sure the residents have everything they need. I especially want to recognize Jackie, Ed, and Skye who I see most first hand and know they have the best interests of the residents in mind all the time. The other aides and med techs who don't cross my path as often also should be thanked and recognized for their kindness and devotion to the residents of Benton House. I count my blessings every day that when I can't provide something my mom needs, Benton House can be counted on to step in and help out. That is a great comfort to me and our family.I wish all the staff of Benton House a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, and safe New Year. Roxy Isaacs
Eric Wiener
Eric Wiener
21:59 02 Dec 19
The staff at Benton House have taken excellent care of my mother and father since I had too make the difficult decision to place them in a facility in 2015. They were always there for my father thorough his worsening Alzheimer's Disease until he passed earlier this year, and now take fine care of my mother, who also has that condition and is wheel chair bound, and can be difficult to deal with sometimes. They are always immensely kind to her and to me. The facility and staff are top notch and I recommend them very highly.Eric S. Wiener
charlie joiner
charlie joiner
23:11 26 Nov 19
The Staff at Benton House are fantastic and the facility is very well maintained. It’s very clean and organized. We were nervous and honestly very unsure of our next steps when we decided to sign my Mother up for the Memory care area at Benton House, but it has turned out very well and it is completely due to the staff. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. It really has turned out to be a Fantastic place for My Mother to be at.
Jerry Murphy
Jerry Murphy
13:15 24 Nov 19
Benton House has been a God send. There are a lot of good people caring for the residents. I'm there most every day for a short visit and they are dealing with issues every hour. People are different and that makes us difficult, yet the staff and management work hard to keep the quality of care at the highest level. I have had my parents there since March of 2018 until my mother passed in early 2019. My dad is still there and he is cared for with affection. There are no perfect places for assisted living, but I haven't seen another better and I have visited more than my share. My hat's off and my prayers continue for those who have chosen the profession of caregiver. I highly recommend them and this place.
Brent Williams
Brent Williams
03:58 17 Mar 19
I was fortunate enough to meet the Benton House team in Bluffton when I needed to provide long-term memory care for one of my parents, and I am not local. The case was especially difficult. My parent presented challenges associated with agitation in their late stage memory disorder.My parent displayed some of those challenges when approached in a particular manner by care providers. The leadership team identified the potential trigger, and rapidly set out a new approach to providing care. Now my parent appears to feel safe and clearly appears less threatened when care providers approach him.Brandy and Abby were a great team getting me introduced to the Benton House remotely. They prepared for the case and provided me hope when it appeared to be running out. Brandy runs a well organized team, and she is a "by the book" lady. Well done.
Lori Eisler
Lori Eisler
21:55 05 Feb 19
I am very happy that my dad is in good hands at the Benton House in Bluffton, SC! They take very good care of him here! They really care about their residence and provide great care! I know he is getting three good meals, medicine(as directed), laundry is done weekly, deep cleaning,and whatever he needs they see to it that his needs are met. I can’t thank Brandy Gray and Abby Boylston, enough for taking such great care of my dad! They have a wonderful staff! Thank you Sharon and Ed for also helping my dad as needed. Great place!
Cliff Carrignan
Cliff Carrignan
15:01 04 Feb 19
We had a very good experience with Benton House. Mom had a fall then entered rehab, from there we knew that Mom need more care than just living at home with a day caregiver. My sister and I visited and interviewed 3 different facilities in the Bluffton area and decided on Benton House based on cleanliness, attitude of staff and food quality. Mom has been there for three months and we have not changed our opinion. Not everything has been absolutely perfect with some minor issues regarding laundry, but once noted they were corrected immediately. From our experience we would recommend Benton House.
M. Deis
M. Deis
13:07 27 Jan 19
My 93-year-old mother-in-law has been in assisted living at Benton House for almost two years and my husband and I are extremely satisfied with the care she is getting. The Director, Brandy, is wonderful and willing to listen and take action on any of our concerns. Jennifer, the Activities Director, has lots of fun activities for the residents and is always cheerful. Sharona, the nurse, takes care of any medical needs in a timely manner. The aids are always helpful to my mother-in-law, especially Jackie and Linda. Abby, in marketing, and Sharon, the administrative receptionist, are also very kind. The building and the assisted living apartments are very nice and clean. I would say that the food, both quality and slow service, could be improved, and that is the reason for only giving 4 stars rather than 5. We would highly recommend Benton House.
Catherine McDonald
Catherine McDonald
03:26 14 Jan 19
My mother moved into Benton House's Memory Care neighborhood in early 2017 when my 82-year old father had surgery. Mom had been declining from dementia for several years, and was also at the point in which in-home care was no longer enough; so she stayed on at BH beyond the planned 1-week stay. It's been a long road since, and the team at Benton House have been a 2nd family to my Mother; Memory Care Leader Shakenia has been wonderfully kind and considerate through all of the ups and downs. Executive Director Brandy Gray has been endlessly patient and encouraging with us (Dad & 6 daughters) as we've ridden the often cruel roller-coaster of Alzheimer's with Mom. Almost 2 years later, Mom needs more care than Assisted Living can provide, and we recently moved her to a skilled nursing community. The Benton House memory care team made Mom's move as smooth as possible, and she transitioned easily to her new home; Shakenia even stopped by to visit Mom there after she left work at Benton House that day. We are so grateful to her and the many caregivers who loved on my Mom over the past 21 months at Benton House. Thank you!!
Faith Roppelt
Faith Roppelt
20:50 11 Jun 18
Benton house is an absolute pleasure. I feel completely comfortable with my mother in their care. Having dealt with other facilities in the area it is a pleasure to see the same staff all the time. Since it is such a new facility the rooms and building are in great condition and well maintained.
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