Senior Living in Augusta

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Senior Living in Augusta

Throughout history, retirement and senior living communities have been unfairly portrayed as unhappy places filled with depressed and inactive residents of advanced age. Benton House in Augusta has broken that mold in offering a senior living experience that is vibrant, active, and affords seniors a sense of independence along with the security of knowing that help is never far away.

If you or a loved one is ready to make the important and life-changing decision to move into a senior living community, call Benton House first at 706-869-0999 and schedule a visit to see firsthand what life can be like in the twilight of life. Or simply fill out the contact information form located on this page, and a helpful and friendly representative will respond shortly.

Wide Range of Care Options for Senior Living at Benton House

The transition into life at Benton House senior living community in Augusta can be stressful. A fully trained and experienced staff of senior care specialists is dedicated to making sure the residents and their family are well taken care of. The adjustment is typically easier and shorter than families think it will be and soon the resident is fully integrated into the community and enjoying the many benefits and features that come with senior living at Benton House.

Some of the most common benefits and features include:

  • Elimination of tending to a home: One of the most difficult and emotional aspects of moving into a senior living community is the loss of the family home. Residents often find out quickly the feeling of relief and freedom not having to worry about taking care of a house or place of residence can create.
  • Health and nutrition: All meals are monitored and catered to each resident’s dietary needs and personal tastes, and the resident will enjoy not having to cook, or clean up.
  • Social interaction and activity: Many seniors become isolated in their own homes after their children move away and/or a spouse passes away. The Benton House community provides seniors to socialize and spend time with people their own age.
  • Security: The resident and their loved ones no longer have to be concerned about being alone, falling or becoming ill. Senior health care professionals are always on hand to help with any emergency or situation that arises.

Senior Living at Benton House in Augusta

To learn about the wide range of senior care options at Benton House in Augusta, call 706-869-0999 today. You can simply fill out the contact information form located on this page and a knowledgable representative will respond to your inquiry.

Senior Living in Augusta

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